Becoming vegetarian?

So over the last couple of days I have been thinking a lot about becoming a vegetarian. It’s something I have thought about a little bit over the years however have never put enough care or thought into it to ever try and change my mind. But due to the thought I have been putting in lately, I have been seriously considering becoming a vegetarian. I think it is right for me and it something that I would really like to live by. I won’t be one of those people who preach to people that eating meat isn’t natural because it’s one of the most natural things in the history of planet earth, and I can’t stand people who say it isn’t. However like I said, being vegetarian would be something that would be right for me and something I feel I could live by.


Things Iv’e been doing lately? Being ill… Being ill is what I have been doing. And so for 3/4 of the weekend I was in my dressing gown playing Fallout 4. The other 1/4 was spent doing homework which I should definitely be doing more of. I finished the main story for the third time, and I sided with the Brotherhood Of Steel this time around which I must say was a great choice. I seriously recommend siding with the Brotherhood because although their methods and ideals are questionable at times, the gear and quest opportunities you get are some of the best yet. I guess I was just slightly nostalgic of my times with the Brotherhood in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but nonetheless, they are a great side to go with in Fallout 4 in my opinion.


One more thing about Fallout 4 for this post. I just wanted to say how much I loved the side quest ‘Last Voyage Of The U.S.S Constitution’. I won’t spoil where to begin it or anything just search it up if you want to get the quest quickly, but I just loved how they had many of the characteristics of ‘Come Fly With Me’ from New Vegas in this quest. It’s a great quest with a very humorous ending with a selection of great unique characters to meet during the quest. Definitely recommend looking it up!


More in terms of the gaming world, Just Cause 3 is released tomorrow! I won’t be picking up the game on day one, I will probably wait a few weeks until I have played more Fallout 4, and have read plenty online in terms of whether the game is good or not. Something that seems strange is the review embargo on the game. I am always curious about a game with a review embargo as it is as if the developers have something to hide? Something that reviewers would include in their review which may put customers off? I can’t be certain, and I do actually have high hopes for this game and I can’t wait to play it, after the massive Just Cause 2 which was released all the way back in 2010. Grapple hooks ftw!


For anyone interested in Drop Dead clothing, they have just released (last wednesday) a new winter collection called the ‘Nomad Collection’ There is so much stuff that looks nice on their and I’m going to have to try get something soon, but as always, money is an issue haha!






Cage The Elephant next February!

So Cage The Elephant have announced a UK/Europe tour in 2016, and they’re coming to where I live in February which is very exciting. They are playing The Rescue Rooms which is great because it’s such a small venue and you can’t beat smaller venues in my opinion. They’re way more close up and personal instead of you being 20ft away from the stage which is what you find at arenas.


The tour is to support their new album which is coming out December 18th called ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’. I like the two songs that they have released so far which are called ‘Mess Around’ and ‘Trouble’. They aren’t my favourite songs by the band however I still enjoy them, particularly Trouble which is slightly different to what they would usually do.


I just wanted to write this to express my excitement of seeing Cage The Elephant live next year. Heres a few songs that I would love them to play live when they’re on…

  1. Come A Little Closer
  2. Lotus
  3. Sabertooth Tiger
  4. Shake Me Down
  5. Spiderhead
  6. 2024
  7. Aberdeen
  8. Tiny Little Robots

And of course, some new songs which we haven’t heard many of yet.


Bring Me The Horizon were amazing!

So last night I went to go and see Bring Me The Horizon at Doncaster Dome. It was my first time seeing them live despite being a long time fan and it was a great night!

Pvris were the opening band for the night and put on a good performance. I’d never listened to either of the two support bands before ( Pvris and Neck Deep) however I enjoyed what both bands did. Pvris being a sort of Alt rock band they gave off an energetic performance which everyone seemed to enjoy, despite some of their songs being more slow paced. The vocalist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen was incredible and definitely made me want to listen to the band more.


The second band of the night was Neck Deep. A pop-punk band from Wales that were really good despite pop-punk not really being my thing usually. They were extremely energetic and really got the crowd ready for Bring Me The Horizon and I enjoyed what they did.


The third and final band of the night, the headliners, were Bring Me The Horizon. Opening with Doomed, the first track from their latest album ‘That’s The Spirit’, the room instantly went up. Everyone knew every word and it was a great atmosphere. I’ll post the setlist at the bottom of the post but there was a great variety of songs from different albums played. Dominated by Sempiternal ( my favourite album) and That’s The Spirit, there was also a song from Suicide Season and a song from There Is A Hell to be heard. My favorite song (sleepwalking) was played so I was really happy about that. Other highlights for me included hearing Shadow Moses, Can You Feel My Heart and Drown live probably.


Overall the night was incredible and I really can’t wait to go and see them live again, such a great band with an amazing live sound and great stage show, I’m really happy I finally got to see them live!



  1. Doomed
  2. Happy Song
  3. Go To Hell, For Heavens Sake
  4. House Of Wolves
  5. Chelsea Smile
  6. Throne
  7. Shadow Moses
  8. Sleepwalking
  9. True Friends
  10. Can You Feel My Heart
  11. Antivist
  12. ENCORE
  13. Blessed With  A Curse
  14. Drown

Things happening lately!


So as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to talk about a variety of topics, subjects and just random things that I feel like writing on this blog, and this is one of those random posts that will hopefully be the first of many.

Last Friday I went to go see The Vaccines at Capital FM arena in my town Nottingham which was great. Supported by Sunflower Bean and Palma Violets, every band was great. The arena was packed and must have been close to a sell out, standing tickets sold out as far as I know, however seating tickets remained. They had a great set list, spanning back and forth from each of the three albums that The Vaccines have put out over the last four or so years. They began with ‘Handsome’ the first single released from their latest album ‘English Graffiti’ which is packed full of energy, and ended with Norgaard. Norgaard is 1:30 seconds of pure energy and always a great way to end a Vaccines show. Overall it was a great night and I look forward to seeing them again!

I’m still at College re-taking my GCSE’S which is overall going fairly well I think. Due to there only being around eight months to get through the course, we get through a topic area in one lesson sometimes so it’s very fast paced and hard to keep up with but even so, it’s going good! Due to it coming up to Christmas there is more chance of getting a job because of Christmas Temporary jobs, and luckily I have a interview tomorrow afternoon with Tesco which hopefully goes well. Tesco pay very well so it would be good to get a job there. I also have a interview with Next I need to arrange so it’s looking good at the moment. Theres nothing worse than having no money so hopefully that turns around in the next few weeks. After the interview and college work, I am going to see Bring Me The Horizon on Thursday night at Doncaster Dome which will be great. It’s my first time going to see them, however Iv’e been a long time fan. I absolutely love Sempiternal so i’m hoping to hear a lot of songs from that album.

I’m hoping to save up enough money for a new guitar in the next couple of months as I really want to carry on playing and continue to improve. My current guitar is broken as the sixth string won’t slot in at the nut section due to it being chipped away, probably as a result of moving house, and the fact that Iv’e had the guitar for three years and it was pre-owned when I got it. At the moment I am hoping to get a Squire Vintage Modified Mustang in Sonic Blue, but I’ll probably change my mind and get something else knowing me…


So I have been posting on a different website called ‘’ for over a year now where I mostly just wrote about Video Games, but I wanted to come and try and post here as well after hearing about the site not too long ago. I’m going to be posting about anything and everything really. Anything that interests me and crosses my mind, I’m going to try not limiting myself to speaking about one topic or subject, I just want to be able to speak about anything here and so that’s what I’m going to be doing. Thanks to anyone who reads this and anyone who reads in the future. I’ll link my other blog at the bottom of this post for anyone who’s interested.





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