Bring Me The Horizon were amazing!

So last night I went to go and see Bring Me The Horizon at Doncaster Dome. It was my first time seeing them live despite being a long time fan and it was a great night!

Pvris were the opening band for the night and put on a good performance. I’d never listened to either of the two support bands before ( Pvris and Neck Deep) however I enjoyed what both bands did. Pvris being a sort of Alt rock band they gave off an energetic performance which everyone seemed to enjoy, despite some of their songs being more slow paced. The vocalist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen was incredible and definitely made me want to listen to the band more.


The second band of the night was Neck Deep. A pop-punk band from Wales that were really good despite pop-punk not really being my thing usually. They were extremely energetic and really got the crowd ready for Bring Me The Horizon and I enjoyed what they did.


The third and final band of the night, the headliners, were Bring Me The Horizon. Opening with Doomed, the first track from their latest album ‘That’s The Spirit’, the room instantly went up. Everyone knew every word and it was a great atmosphere. I’ll post the setlist at the bottom of the post but there was a great variety of songs from different albums played. Dominated by Sempiternal ( my favourite album) and That’s The Spirit, there was also a song from Suicide Season and a song from There Is A Hell to be heard. My favorite song (sleepwalking) was played so I was really happy about that. Other highlights for me included hearing Shadow Moses, Can You Feel My Heart and Drown live probably.


Overall the night was incredible and I really can’t wait to go and see them live again, such a great band with an amazing live sound and great stage show, I’m really happy I finally got to see them live!



  1. Doomed
  2. Happy Song
  3. Go To Hell, For Heavens Sake
  4. House Of Wolves
  5. Chelsea Smile
  6. Throne
  7. Shadow Moses
  8. Sleepwalking
  9. True Friends
  10. Can You Feel My Heart
  11. Antivist
  12. ENCORE
  13. Blessed With  A Curse
  14. Drown

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