Cage The Elephant next February!

So Cage The Elephant have announced a UK/Europe tour in 2016, and they’re coming to where I live in February which is very exciting. They are playing The Rescue Rooms which is great because it’s such a small venue and you can’t beat smaller venues in my opinion. They’re way more close up and personal instead of you being 20ft away from the stage which is what you find at arenas.


The tour is to support their new album which is coming out December 18th called ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’. I like the two songs that they have released so far which are called ‘Mess Around’ and ‘Trouble’. They aren’t my favourite songs by the band however I still enjoy them, particularly Trouble which is slightly different to what they would usually do.


I just wanted to write this to express my excitement of seeing Cage The Elephant live next year. Heres a few songs that I would love them to play live when they’re on…

  1. Come A Little Closer
  2. Lotus
  3. Sabertooth Tiger
  4. Shake Me Down
  5. Spiderhead
  6. 2024
  7. Aberdeen
  8. Tiny Little Robots

And of course, some new songs which we haven’t heard many of yet.



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