It’s hard to picture…

After millions of years of existence. After learning so much about the world that man lives in, the one thing that humanity has not yet manged to find out is why we are here. Not just humans, but why is anything here? Humans, animals, trees, materials, planets, the universe, anything. Of course there are many religious arguments that try to explain how it all began, however as an atheist I don’t believe a single one of those beliefs. I just find it so weird to think that nobody on earth knows or has known how anything began.


Another thing that I always wonder before scaring myself is that what came before all of the galaxies and the universe? Nothingness? What actually is nothingness and how do you picture it in your head? For me I picture an infinite white space, expanding indefinitely, however how did that white space come about because that is still something. It’s impossible to imagine ‘nothing’. Because nothing is still a thing really. It’s just something that seems like the human mind is not capable of processing which is saddening to be honest, however of course very interesting. Sometimes after wondering about these things, I tell myself to think about more basic things such as what should I have for tea or how much I like the look of that tattoo on the internet, however it is these small things that also make me realize what a small spec of dust we are on the grand scale of things. We don’t even know the full extent of what is beyond our own planet. What happens when we die? Will we EVER know the answers to these questions? There are so many mysteries that nobody has any actual knowledge of and it’s scary to think really. This is something that I often ponder on, and I just wanted to write a little something about it on here.


New job/tattoos

So the other day I managed to get a new part time job for 3 months minimum at a Tesco near me. The pay is great it’s £7.00 an hour I believe so I’m really happy about that. My shifts are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 5PM-10PM. I did my first proper shift last night and it went well on the whole, so good times! I am on the dairy section of fresh food so I mainly restock dairy products and some other things which isn’t hard to get to grips with. I think i’ll be putting £100 or so in a savings account each month, so I don’t waste absolutely ALL the money that I earn… That’s the plan anyway.


Tattoos… I really want tattoos and have done for years and now I legally get them I really want to just get one as soon as I can. I have a lot of ideas of what I want but it’s making sure that I definitely want what I think I do. I would love a mandala traditional flower tattoo potentially on my hands, three autumn leaves spiraling down on my arm, and some other ideas which I’m not sure on yet really. For me, my hands would be my favorite place to get tattoos so maybe I’ll start there. If anyone reads this and has tattoos then please tell me about them as I am always interested to hear what people have.








Due to my love of writing, I started writing bits of poetry here and there a while back. I’m not great but still I enjoy it and that’s what matters at the end of the day really. I haven’t uploaded too much, but what I have is often about Autumn or Winter as I absolutely love those seasons. I upload to a site called ‘FictionPress’ which is a great site. You get the opportunity to upload any kind of Fiction really and they have a system in place that does not allow people to copy and paste your work easily which is very important. Asides from poetry I also wrote a fantasy short story called ‘The Singer On The Mountain’. I will link my page at the bottom and if you are interested then feel free to take a look.


Thanks! 🙂

My FictionPress page!