New job/tattoos

So the other day I managed to get a new part time job for 3 months minimum at a Tesco near me. The pay is great it’s £7.00 an hour I believe so I’m really happy about that. My shifts are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 5PM-10PM. I did my first proper shift last night and it went well on the whole, so good times! I am on the dairy section of fresh food so I mainly restock dairy products and some other things which isn’t hard to get to grips with. I think i’ll be putting £100 or so in a savings account each month, so I don’t waste absolutely ALL the money that I earn… That’s the plan anyway.


Tattoos… I really want tattoos and have done for years and now I legally get them I really want to just get one as soon as I can. I have a lot of ideas of what I want but it’s making sure that I definitely want what I think I do. I would love a mandala traditional flower tattoo potentially on my hands, three autumn leaves spiraling down on my arm, and some other ideas which I’m not sure on yet really. For me, my hands would be my favorite place to get tattoos so maybe I’ll start there. If anyone reads this and has tattoos then please tell me about them as I am always interested to hear what people have.








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