My hopes for Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a third person open-world RPG being created exclusively for the PS4, by Guerrilla Games, the same studio that has brought us Killzone games in the past. The jump from creating first-person shooters to open world RPG games is a big one, but from previous trailers displayed at E3, the game looks incredible and it really looks like Guerrilla Games is doing an amazing job.


Of course, I am not the only one who is extremely excited for this PlayStation Exclusive to launch in 2016, as many people across social media and the gaming community as a whole seem very excited for this game. My big question for this game is, what will it do? And what I mean by this is, will Horizon: Zero Dawn debut so well that it secures itself a sequel? Better yet, will the game come and take everybody by surprise, being one of the best PlayStation games to date, sealing its spot with the likes of Uncharted and The Last Of Us? What I personally hope for Guerrilla Games to do with Horizon: Zero Dawn, is create a mind-blowing and vast world for the player to explore that is on the scale of let’s say, Skyrim’s. What a vast interesting world that engrosses its players does is of course create interest and love for the game at hand, resulting in impressive sales and a fan-base, but it can also set up possibilities for sequels and essentially a whole Universe and future for the name ‘Horizon.’ I mentioned Skyrim briefly earlier and let me go back to that. Skyrim is but only one game in the massive Elder Scrolls series. The Elder Scrolls games all contain, worlds to explore that are filled with various storylines, as well as lore that can be pieced together across the huge worlds. I would love to see the name ‘Horizon’ grow into a large and loved series with storylines and lore, that continually tie together in future games. In addition, it would be great to see a loyal fan-base come together as a result of Guerrilla studios new game and hopefully Franchise.


When reading this, it could easily be interpreted that I essentially would like to see a sequel or two and that’s all I needed to say, however there are so many games out there that have had sequels, but just no life within the franchise it’s self. Instead of just sequels in the future, I would love to see a series that ties together and creates a universe that is explored, loved and talked about, inside and outside of the game with a dedicated fan-base. That is my hope for Horizon: Zero Dawn and I see real potential for this happening. Due to the fact that Horizon is a completely new IP that is fresh to players across the globe, and the fact that the game looks incredible and just full of potential, based on what we have seen. I really look forward to seeing what Guerrilla Games deliver with Horizon: Zero Dawn later in 2016.


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