Firewatch Preview.

On February 9th, game developers Campo Santo will bring their debut game ‘Firewatch’ out into the open for all PC and PS4 users to buy, and the game looks like it offers a very refreshing and interesting experience for players. You play as a man named Henry who has decided to take a break from his messy life and the way he does that, is through becoming a lookout in the Wyoming Wilderness looking out for fires during a particularly hot and dry summer which has everybody on edge. Henry’s only contact is his supervisor named Delilah, whom he speaks to over a hand-held radio, so I’m sure at  some parts of the game there will be a real sense of isolation that the player will feel.  Continuing on, it is stated on Firewatche’s description located on the games website that something strange will draw Henry out of his watch-tower into an unknown and wild environment. In addition, you will have to face questions and make impersonal choices that can either build upon or destroy the only personal relationship you have.


It is the last two sentences of the previous paragraph that really grab the attention of me and I’m sure many other people who read the description of the game. The feeling of mystery surrounding Firewatch, which could lead to a fear of the unknown really excites me and makes me look forward to seeing what could potentially turn a simple task of looking out for fires, into a complicated and engrossing experience for players around the world. Furthermore, due to Firewatch being a story driven game, I’m sure we will see plenty of opportunities for the game to grow deeper and deeper as the game progresses. I feel like we may be taken by surprise emotionally by Firewatch when the game begins to present the twists and turns, as we will need to deal with issues and make choices that we could never have imagined having to do earlier on. One key element of Firewatch that is talked about ever so briefly in the games description, which I just mentioned is the fact that players will need to make impersonal choices within the game. Something that springs to mind when thinking about the possibilities of choice, is various endings that differ significantly from each other. When given choices to make that change the way game progresses, the way certain characters feel about you, and the way the game ultimately ends I can only hope for meaningful endings that differ significantly, thus giving an incentive to finish the game more than once. This gives the ability to experience all endings and decide on the ending that I preferred.


Earlier on, I mentioned that Firewatch seems like it will be a refreshing experience for players and I would like to elaborate on that. The fact that our main protagonist Henry has left his usual life behind to become a lookout in the secluded Wyoming Wilderness, essentially doing something a lot different, actually reminds me of me in a way, simply because Firewatch is a very different game compared to a lot of other games that are on the market. I feel like I too will be stepping away from my usual life and doing something refreshing alongside the protagonist Henry, as I experience a game that to me seems like no other. Of course the art style is similar to games such as The Long Dark, and multiple choice story games aren’t new but the setting and back-story to the game are very unique indeed and this is what I feel will give me the refreshing feel that I have been looking forward to.


I would like to congratulate the developers behind Firewatch, Campo Santo on creating an incredible and unique looking game which I simply cannot wait to play. Firewatch seems like it isn’t everything that it seems,  and I feel that there’s a lot to uncover as we progress through the games story. We’ll find all of this out very soon as Firewatch releases on February 9th for PS4 and PC.


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