Considering the future

Whether you’re around my age of 18, younger or older, there’s always a future to plan for. Decisions have to be made and this is a tough thing, as well as a scary thing. I’m 18 and about to finish my re-takes at college and I am deciding on my future right now. I feel like I have actually finally decided on what I want to do after this year, what I want to build towards and who I want to be as a person which is exciting in a sense. I’m going to be under-taking a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Journalism (providing I get the grades required) and working towards potentially going to University to study Journalism afterwards. Although I’m writing this post and discussing dealing with the future for you to read, I am still using words like potentially because I also don’t know the plan I have for myself completely, but that is perfectly fine. Everyone is going to have a level of uncertainty in their lives, but what I wanted to do today is quickly talk about things to consider when thinking about your future that may benefit you, and myself. I like to think that these points will apply to people of all ages, no matter what you’re doing as I mentioned earlier.


First and foremost, ensure you’re happy in what you’re doing. Even if it comes off as cheesy, being happy in the life you’re living is so important, and so this point is pretty straight forward. Do what you want to do, study what you want to study, be with who you want to be with, and work towards the goals that YOU want to achieve because as the saying goes, you only live once. I am planning on studying journalism because I want to pursue it, and try to make a living out of it, despite the negatives that can come with the career, which brings me onto my next point.


Are the positives gained from what you plan on doing in the future worth it over the negatives that can also be present? As I briefly mentioned I want to pursue journalism despite the downsides to the career such as at times receiving poor pay, difficulty in finding work and the fact that journalism is a very competitive and niche job market. Not many people who pursue the career end up making a proper living off of it. Despite this, there are positives such as the fact that I simply enjoy writing which of course is a large part of journalism, if successful I can earn quite a decent wage from the job, and the opportunity to meet various new people across the world arises. These positives at the moment seem worthy enough to make sacrifices for and so I will pursue it. The negatives though, should not be taken lightly. Proper consideration is required as to whether the choice you are making will benefit you in the short-term, and the long-term and this is something that is always on my mind when thinking about this career. For example, financial stability. The career that I wish to choose has to guarantee of financial stability in the future and there are so many other careers like that, in which I bet some of you are choosing. Furthermore, if you go down a career path that you enjoy and are passionate about, but there is no financial stability and you are constantly scraping by month by month for the first few years, this could sour your love for what you are doing and it could make in unenjoyable. This is a scary thing at least for me, to think about but even so, it’s definitely something to consider.


Finally, something that is quite obvious, make sure you are the one making the decisions for your future. It’s perfectly fine to have some influence and guidance in your decision making, but make sure your decisions are being made by you and not dictated by somebody else, as this is your life and future.


Overall pursue what makes you happy, but always be weary of the very real negatives that come with the positives. Consider whether the positives are worth it over the negatives and do what feels right for you.




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