Tell Me I’m Pretty review.

Born out of Kentucky, the now six-piece named Cage The Elephant released their fourth studio album in December of 2015. Produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black  Keys, the listener can really hear his influences splatter painted all over the album which in this reviewers opinion, isn’t a bad thing.

Starting out with the lively, psychedelic and spirited track ‘Cry Baby’, the tone for the album is immediately set. With an instant infectious opening riff and bouncy verse, which leads into a thrashing and aggressive pre-chorus and chorus, the track had me hooked. The track finished with a blues-rock inspired and zingy breakdown, in which was filled with top notch bass lines and guitar riffs which faded until the song ended.

The fuzzy and in some cases psychedelic tone of the track carries through the entire album, especially in songs such as ‘Cold Cold Cold, ‘Mess Around’, and ‘Punchin’ bag’ which have the listener involuntarily tapping their feet to these easily lovable and twist-taking songs. Their is also a 60’s aura that runs around the album which ties in nicely with front man ‘Matt Schultz’s’ vocals. Tell Me I’m Pretty’s instrumentals suit him very well, and he connects with them so naturally.

It’s great to hear Cage The Elephant expanding their sound as a band, and to see them exploring other areas of music and creativity, as they could have quite easily just replicated the sound of grammy winning ‘Melophobia’, which was released in 2013, however they have decided to deepen their identity as a band which is always brilliant to see.



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