Sunflower Bean at the Nottingham Bodega Social club.

Two hours before I began writing this I had just finished having the pleasure of being in the presence of ‘Sunflower Bean’s’ absolutely brilliant show at the Bodega social in Nottingham. A sold out venue quickly filled when ‘Husky Loops’ a three piece indie outfit from London hit the stage for a thirty minute set, as well as when the main act Sunflower Bean hit the stage at 9PM.

Sunflower Bean revealed themselves, introducing themselves with the track ‘Human Ceremony’, the first track and title track off of the debut album ‘Human Ceremony’ which released earlier in February 2016. The band were on point for the entire night, rapidly generating needed energy within the room with up beat tracks in which some of were played faster than the studio versions such as ‘Tame Impala.’Wall Watcher’ and ‘This Kind Of Feeling’. Once the energy was crafted and spun around the room, it did not leave. The crowd were webbed. Lead vocalist and Bassist Julia Cumming maintained a great connection with the spectators at hand by coming down into the crowd, aswell as constantly having a laugh with fans and laughing and replying to fan comments such as “Marry me Julia.” which really allowed for a feeling of one between the New York based trio and the crowd. Overall, a friendly and easy feeling was present in the upper floor of the Bodega during the gig.


Sunflower Bean are limited in their arsenal of songs to play, due to only having one album and one E.P. However a variety of pace was achieved by the group. As well as the up-beat tracks I mentioned previously, mesmerizing and more down-tempo songs such as ‘Somebody Call A Doctor’ were used to please the crowd. Sunflower Bean completed their explosive ten song set, before returning for a final song which the crowd of course so longingly wanted. The trio played confidently and accurately, all while maintaining a positive and very apparent energy through out the evening.


The gig concluded, and the group came out where the crowd stood to meet with fans, take pictures and just generally socialize which is always brilliant to see. The energy, and the friendly aura of the room continued to be present well after the set was over.


Overall Sunflower Bean played a solid set of brilliant songs from their debut album, as well as their previous E.P. They kept the crowd interested throughout, maintaining a special level of excitement and buzz throughout and for this reason I would definitely recommend going to witness Sunflower Bean live on one of their few remaining dates across the U.K.


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