The reaction to Suicide Silence’s new track ‘Doris’

Approximately three weeks ago, Deathcore pioneers Suicide Silence released the first single from their up and coming self-titled album in which is titled Doris. After letting the world take a while to soak up the new sound that the band has produced, I wanted to discuss my thoughts and feelings on the track, Suicide Silence’s new planned sound, aswell as people’s reaction to the new song.


It’s not uncommon to see bands from the metal scene try to take a new direction in terms of their sound. In 2014 we saw Metal core behemoths Bring Me The Horizon make the huge switch to radio friendly pop music, and more recently we have seen Carnifex undertake a more black metal tone, aswell as Whitechapel utilizing clean vocals within their latest material. Bands like to evolve all the time. And most bands don’t just like to evolve, they need to evolve to keep things fresh for the band members, seeing as they are playing these songs day in day out. If every album was the complete same then things would get pretty boring for the band, and probably for a lot of fans. When Suicide Silence unveiled their first track which showcased their new sound, there was an immediate and lasting negative receiving to the song from the majority of listeners (in terms of YouTube viewership). At the very minute that I am writing this, Doris the new track has 11,333 likes and 18,840 dislikes on YouTube, with a total of 625,056 views. That’s a significant like to dislike ratio. Even in the comments aswell as on social media I am seeing the band get crucified for a number of reasons. Many fans are unhappy that the band even tried to get a breath of fresh air from the world of deathcore, many fans are disappointed with the production and of course there are still some fans who are disappointed that Suicide Silence continued after Mitch died (get a grip), and I just seriously don’t understand the overwhelming negative response to the song. I can completely understand a fair few fans being disappointed with the new sound, as well as being disappointed with the clean vocals as it isn’t for everyone, however such an overwhelming negative response has seriously bewildered me. I really do feel that a lot of people have exaggerated how bad this song is, purely for the reason that it isn’t The Cleansing 2.0.


First and foremost, I love the track. In terms of Doris’ musical properties we are once again graced with the usual thunderous Drop A tuning of Alex and Marks 7 string setup. The song itself takes a lot of nu-metal influence, instrumentally as well as vocally. Eddie Hermida’s cleans as well as screams are all over the place in terms of range which certainly reminded me of Korn’s style. The song gave off a very primal, and even tribal like feel to me because of those reasons. A lot of the vocals sound very unplanned and raw, and this ties in with the production. I personally thought that the production was perfectly fine in terms of quality, however it does sound a little more as if the production was intended to sound like a live performance which of course concocts nicely with the raw feel of the vocal performance. The whole package seems as if the band just wanted to get in the studio and produce a song that just came naturally without having to force a certain sound. Suicide Silence even said in an interview with Rock Cafe Prague in 2016 that they wanted to produce this kind of atmosphere with the new album, and I can safely say that I’m very happy aswell as excited to hear this evolved sound in the coming months.


Overall this was a bit of a short post, however I just wanted to express how much I love Doris and if this is the sound that we’ll be hearing throughout the whole new album in February of this year, then I’m very excited to hear the new material both on the record as well as in a live environment this march during their U.K tour.



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