There needs to be change.

Since Islam’s beginning, millions of people have been enslaved and murdered at the hands of Muslims. Today, in the 21st century, within a first-world and what should be secure nation, girls as young as eight years old are being slaughtered at pop concerts, at the hands of violent jihadists. Almost every day, we hear about an Islamic attack on innocents somewhere in the world. In the space of just two months, we in the U.K have experienced two separate Islamic attacks in what should be a safe nation. My question is why?


The Islam-apologists of the left are constantly praising Islam as a religion of peace. Even immediately after twenty-two people were brutally murdered at the hands of Salman Abedi last Monday in Manchester, people flocked to the streets, and to Social Media to defend Islam. Even after the biggest mass shooting in American history at the Orlando night club in 2016, at the hands of a Muslim, people defended Islam as a religion of peace. They are wrong. Islam, is a cruel, cancerous and oppressive religion, as well as political ideology that preaches the beheading of non-believers of Islam otherwise known as the kafir,┬áthe enslavement of women to men, the persecution of homo-sexuals and many more inexcusable policies. These teachings and beliefs are all held within Islam’s doctrine. The book of Islam itself if you will, holds these beliefs and I will link them below.

“But it’s not all Muslims that are bad, it’s only a small few.”

The above statement, is completely false. There are no good Muslims, and its not just a small group of people who carry out these attacks. I don’t say that there are no good Muslims because i’m bigoted, or because I’m “racist” (that’s always a good one), I say it because those who proclaim themselves to be Islamic, without following the Quran, are not true Muslim’s at all. They are not following the religion as is intended, and in the eyes of true Muslims who do follow the Quran to the book, they should be killed. I myself have known people who follow an alternative reformed version of Islam and those people pose no threat to society. It doesn’t require much brain power to understand that these people for the most part are not a problem. The problem, is people who do follow the religion in its intended, and proper way. There is no argument about it, Islam when followed the way that the Quran intends, is a cancer upon the world. Many of us believe this, but all of us see it in reality. We all see the news headlines, the reports, the images, the videos, all of which are displaying bloodshed at the hands of Islam. Bloodshed that tears apart families, traumatizes people for the rest of their lives, and slaughters innocent people. Even after all of these atrocities people are labelled racist, bigoted and Islamophobic, simply for criticizing this ideology which is obviously plagued with serious fundamental issues. Usually it’s the people of the modern regressive-left who try to shut down anybody who dares criticize Islam, often with the words that I just mentioned. It’s funny, because Islam is not a race, so the word racist is immediately ineffective. In addition the word Islamophobia, is just a completely made up term. A phobia involves you having an irrational fear of something. I personally, don’t believe that it’s irrational to fear an ideology which hunts down and beheads non-believers, rapes women and persecutes homo-sexuals. If you do believe that it is irrational to fear those things, and believe that Islamophobia is a legitimate word then I’d say you have a mental illness.


Continuing onwards, every time we see a new Islamic attack, whatever nation we see effected, we see a large part of our societies reacting in a completely laughable way. Yes of course, solidarity needs to be shown through offering condolences to the families who tragically lose a loved one and by being there for eachother in every way possible. But I’m so sick of seeing the hashtag #PrayFor*insert affected country here*, and Facebook profile pictures having the flag of the affected country slapped over the top. This virtue-signalling does nothing to combat the issue of Islam in our societies and neither does ‘hugging a Muslim’. Why am I told when I express anger or outrage at each of these attacks that “Now isn’t the time for more anger and hate”? When is the appropriate time? How can we be expected to not feel anger after these tragic events. How can we be expected to just sit by idle, while we simply get used to these attacks happen, as Sadiq Khan, the Mayor Of London suggested. There needs to be more outrage at these inexcusable and cowardly attacks, aswell as more wish for change, for any good outcome to be seen. At this current moment in time, it seems that political correctness is more important to members of society aswell as our actual government than our own peoples lives. Girls as young as eight years old slaughtered and still, people sit by and simply virtue-signal, refusing to speak out about an obviously destructive ideology due to being scared of being labelled as racist, bigoted or Islamophobic. This obsession over political-correctness has to stop. At this point in time, this politically-correct, oppression obsessed regressive-left, believes that Islam can do no harm. They believe that Islam champions women’s and human’s in general rights. Muslims are their best friends, but little do they know that true Muslims absolutely despise them, aswell as their way of life.


We have to see policy change from our government. Simply allowing thousands of undocumented African and Syrian migrants to flock into the country unopposed, just isn’t going to cut it. We don’t even know who we’re allowing into the nation. Salman Abedi’s Father, migrated to the U.K from Libya, however was allowed to travel back and forth between the U.K and Libya to fight with the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). Why was this allowed? Continuing onwards, why are their three-thousand people on terrorist watch lists in the U.K just living their lives? We have no need for them here, they have no place. Our governments need to do more and get these people out. Now is the time where people will come at me with the argument that Salman Abedi and many other terrorists are actually born in the U.K and are homegrown terrorists as people like to say. Homegrown terrorism just strengthens the argument that its the ideology which is at fault, not the nation of origin. If somebody is born in the U.K and is able to grow up surrounded by ideas and family members who encourage vile acts of terrorism in the name of Islam, then there is a serious issue at hand. More needs to be done to monitor Islam in Mosques and Prisons Our borders need to be better protected, with a better vetting process being put into place. Like I said, the time for political correctness is over. There is a serious problem at hand here. A problem which has already caused destruction beyond belief, and its time to stop this oppressive force.


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Being embarrassed about what we love, and enjoy.

Everybody is an individual. Everybody loves different things, hates different things, and everybody has defining qualities,traits and passions in their life, and it is these things that make us, well, us. So why do so many of us shy away from expressing our love for certain things in life?


This in’t some sort of inspirational, preach-post where I tell you all about how I let the entire world and everybody I come accross know about the things that I love, and that you should too, because I am one of the people who struggle to be completely honest about the things that I enjoy. And i’m not even talking about big or even important things. I’m talking about never mentioning random things that I enjoy to people that I know, such as my passion for Dark Souls, autumn, writings poems and random silly articles like this one here, live streaming on twitch etc. Of course some people know about the things that I deeply love, however I find myself being very cautious about who finds these things out. For example, the people that I work with, my family, and some friends will never find out about this post, because I’ll make sure that they don’t see it pop up on social-media outlets and what not. But I ask myself, why do I do that? Even if they saw this post or whatever else it could be that I’m posting, they probably wouldn’t care about it enough to read it. And even if they did, what’s the worse that could happen? They could laugh, or find it strange that I enjoy doing what I do, but I know that doesn’t matter. It’s just acting like I know, that is the hard part haha. It’s easy to make it sound so dramatic, but in reality it’s the complete opposite. I just find it so bizarre and I guess, stupid. The things that we love concoct with other factors, such as our personalities, to ultimately define us. To give us our individualism. So why shy away from it? It’s very hypocritical of me to say this as someone who as I mentioned, struggles with it myself, but I think that we should all embrace the things that we love and let that passion and love radiate off of us, for it can only do good. Keeping my biggest passions locked up for the majority of the people I come accross is just me limiting myself. I strongly feel that if I was to be more open and unafraid of who I was, then I’d be a lot more motivated, inspired and ultimately, happy.


In the end, i’m scared of judgement. It’s funny too, because I know all too well that this is a terrible way to live. To hide your passions away and pretend that they’re not a part of you is kind of ridiculous. I see a lot of people that I know present their passions so openly to the world. Showcasing their talent so often with no sense of shame or embarrassment is really inspiring to see, and I can only hope to use that inspiration to try to improve my own self confidence as time goes on.