Being embarrassed about what we love, and enjoy.

Everybody is an individual. Everybody loves different things, hates different things, and everybody has defining qualities,traits and passions in their life, and it is these things that make us, well, us. So why do so many of us shy away from expressing our love for certain things in life?


This in’t some sort of inspirational, preach-post where I tell you all about how I let the entire world and everybody I come accross know about the things that I love, and that you should too, because I am one of the people who struggle to be completely honest about the things that I enjoy. And i’m not even talking about big or even important things. I’m talking about never mentioning random things that I enjoy to people that I know, such as my passion for Dark Souls, autumn, writings poems and random silly articles like this one here, live streaming on twitch etc. Of course some people know about the things that I deeply love, however I find myself being very cautious about who finds these things out. For example, the people that I work with, my family, and some friends will never find out about this post, because I’ll make sure that they don’t see it pop up on social-media outlets and what not. But I ask myself, why do I do that? Even if they saw this post or whatever else it could be that I’m posting, they probably wouldn’t care about it enough to read it. And even if they did, what’s the worse that could happen? They could laugh, or find it strange that I enjoy doing what I do, but I know that doesn’t matter. It’s just acting like I know, that is the hard part haha. It’s easy to make it sound so dramatic, but in reality it’s the complete opposite. I just find it so bizarre and I guess, stupid. The things that we love concoct with other factors, such as our personalities, to ultimately define us. To give us our individualism. So why shy away from it? It’s very hypocritical of me to say this as someone who as I mentioned, struggles with it myself, but I think that we should all embrace the things that we love and let that passion and love radiate off of us, for it can only do good. Keeping my biggest passions locked up for the majority of the people I come accross is just me limiting myself. I strongly feel that if I was to be more open and unafraid of who I was, then I’d be a lot more motivated, inspired and ultimately, happy.


In the end, i’m scared of judgement. It’s funny too, because I know all too well that this is a terrible way to live. To hide your passions away and pretend that they’re not a part of you is kind of ridiculous. I see a lot of people that I know present their passions so openly to the world. Showcasing their talent so often with no sense of shame or embarrassment is really inspiring to see, and I can only hope to use that inspiration to try to improve my own self confidence as time goes on.


Sunday at Leeds Festival 2016?

It’s coming up to festival season soon, and I wanted to go to a festival which I surprisingly have never been to…Leeds/Reading festival.  I’ll only be going for one day this year(I know), specifically the Sunday, as there are few bands that I really wanted to go and see on that day.

Firstly, Cage The Elephant are coming back from half the world away in America. They’ll be taking over the NME stage right before the Wombats and the headliners, The 1975. I absolutely love this band, because their music takes leaps in different directions throughout the albums,  as inspiration is obviously and pleasantly present on their earlier albums, while the latest two albums have had their own evolving sound take the lead. There is always a capturing and undeniable energy at Cage The Elephant shows, and I am sure that that energy and atmosphere that they generate so well will concoct nicely with a festival environment.

A second band that I’m really looking forward to seeing for a third time is ‘The Vaccines’. With three solid albums and a relatively new album released in 2015 named ‘English Graffiti’ this band never fail to impress in the studio and in a live environment. Nothing’s more fun than hearing a live rendition of Norgaard played in the space of what seems like 30 seconds. Great stuff!

Half Moon Run are another band that I’ve started to appreciate over the past few days. The indie-rock band from Canada radiate talent, and have been managing to capture my attention easily over these past few days. With a more mellow tone to their music in comparison to many of The Vaccines and Cage The Elephant songs, I can’t wait to see them in a live space!

As I mentioned earlier I’ve never actually even been to Reading/Leeds and this of course is a massive reason for me wanting to go. Despite me only going for one day like an absolute amateur, I’d love to write about my time when I’m back, especially about seeing bands like Cage The Elephant, The Vaccines and Half Moon Run, as well as many more.


Exciting times ahead!