As I floated, carelessly internally, paranoid externally, I involuntarily consumed the blizzards faeces.

The bell tolled, they spilled their secrets.

A door opened.

A touch, I cried.

I’ve touched the edge of the world,

and yet felt that my journey had never begun.

Lost souls voyage to unknown lands.

I found my soul…

So vibrant, however tasted bland.

Those who saw the future laughed,

and those from the past showed me a collage.

Optimism is what I gathered, but somehow traded it along for some regret and pessimism.

A mystery man wearing silk robes threw in some years as a bonus.

When you know how to play a song, but can’t read the music.

A frustrating talent.

Tears of joy?

Like an oxymoron, but spoken in actions.


In Retrospect.

A retrospective blimp,

dominating the sky of my body.

The present is paused,

while the opening of a door,

takes me on a unique kind of tour.

I joyously jog, or I tearfully trudge,

down a lane in which many are familiar with.

Held dear, for various reasons,

for many, this lane committed treason.

Different experiences, happen in separate seasons,

a quick escape from any situation,

the number one cause of procrastination.

The reason I lay awake at  night,

staring into black, but visualising in colours.

You’ll always be my dear friend,

my arch-enemy.

My motivation,

my buzz kill.

The love of my life.